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Tuxedo Event Services is honored to put employees to work on the frontline of Houston’s event industry. At events, our team predominately functions in the Event Manager, Waiter, Bartender, and various Chef capacities, with most shifts ranging 4-8 hours depending on the day of the week.

What makes “Tux” an excellent place for all students, and “part-timers,” is the ability to make your own, custom schedule, and work with your friends, with wages ranging from $12 to 40 an hour, depending on position and skill level. Additionally, once you are approved, you can work as much or as little as you would like. However, all employees are background checked before employment and must maintain a valid Texas Alcoholic Beverage and Food Handlers Certifications to be hired, and must keep them current to receive shifts. With the only exception being Chefs who prefer to work only in the back of the house, and thus will not be required to be TABC certified.

Joining the Tux team is a great way to open the door to Houston’s event scene and the many hours of flexible income that our great city has to offer. We look forward to having you on our team.