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JP and Ashley Morgan, CPCE

Our Story

Tuxedo Event Services is proud to be a family-owned small business creating jobs and experiences in our wonderful hometown of Houston, Texas. Founded by JP and Ashley Morgan, a husband and wife duo who met working in Houston's event scene, Tux truly believes that we can make events easier.

Ashley grew up in a large Jewish Italian family where she quickly learned any reason is a good reason to have a party. After majoring in Communications at the University of Texas, Ashley dove headfirst into planning events at one of Houston's premier museums. During this time, Ashley led her team through an array of events, from Super Bowl parties to fashion shows, holiday parties to retirement dinners, and everything in between. It's the diversity of events and the unique struggles that they provide that Ashley loves the most.

Despite living in Houston since he was two, JP was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and comes from a proud family of LSU Tigers. While attending the Hilton College at The University of Houston, he accepted a job offer that would change his life. Before long, he oversaw many of the city's most notable events for one of Houston's turnkey catering and event companies. With a primary emphasis on catering operations, JP and his team regularly executed events in many of Houston's finest museums, venues, and residences. Similar to his wife, what JP loves the most about the event industry are the unique struggles. Particularly those that come from operating out of a different location for nearly every event.

After nearly a decade in various management roles and roughly 5,000 events between us, we are excited to bring Tuxedo Event Services to our great city. Our hope for this company, and life as a whole, is to spend our time doing what we love to do; while helping others in the process.

Our Reflection

Tuxedo Event Services exists to guide clients through the event production process compassionately. As a turnkey event producer, our team assists clients in making budget-focused decisions without sacrificing the desired outcomes of the event. From full-service planning of significant events to hand-selected staff members to help in private residences, our team cares about your experience. We use our network of business owners in the industry to pivot to all price points and facilitate the needs of any occasion, while still meeting the highest industry standards.   A company that exceeds expectations in customer service and value; that's what we hope to see in our reflection.

Our Culture

At Tux, we take culture seriously. It's who we are. It's how we treat people. It's the people we hire. Tux actively recruits from the leading local universities for culinary arts and hospitality management. We also actively seek tenured industry professionals to help guide our new team members. All Tuxedo Event Services employees are subject to a background check, tested, and certified before employment, with records available upon request. We firmly believe that we employ and develop exceptional people and leaders in our industry through an employee-focused culture, selective hiring, and continual training.